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Turunç is one of those magical places that most people seem to stumble across by accident. It is not a well known resort – in fact there are not many Tour Operators who offer holidays here. For those of us who love this little village, there is always a dilemma to be confronted. Should we tell other people about this beautiful, quiet haven – an escape from mass tourism? Or should we keep it all to ourselves, selfishly wanting it to stay as lovely and unspoiled as it is?

Your first sight of Turunç will probably be from your transfer vehicle. You pass along the main streets of Marmaris with the bright lights and busy pavements, drive along the road which hugs the sea and then travel around the rear of Içmeler before starting the ascent of the mountains that separate Turunç from the rest of the world.

The mountain road is a relatively recent arrival. It was a dirt track for many years, with the main access to the village being from the sea. Tourists would arrive in Marmaris and then be transferred the rest of the way in small boats. The new road has meant that journeys can be made out of Turunç all year round and in all weather conditions.

As you climb the mountain road from Içmeler, you pass mountainsides that are swathed in pine trees. There are high hanging valleys and deep canyons. After ten minutes of climbing up this twisting road, you reach a relatively level and straight stretch. A few minutes further on and you begin the descent into Turunç. The road on this side of the mountains also twists and turns but at every bend in the road there are stunning views out to sea. You have beautiful views of the Karadag Mountains in the distance, with tantalising glimpses of Turunç, nestled at the bottom of the steep slopes that you are travelling down.

Once you arrive in the village itself, you can see that it is small with one main paved street. This runs parallel to the sea front and is lined on both sides with shops, bars and restaurants.

Nightlife is based around the bars and restaurants. There are no loud and raucous discos or nightclubs here. The emphasis is on relaxing, enjoying a great meal, having a quiet drink and meeting new friends or renewing old acquaintances.

Turunç is truly one of those enchanting spots where you can really take time to forget about everyday stresses and work problems and concentrate on relaxing and enjoying the best things that Turkey has to offer. In other words:-

- Fabulous scenery
- Sunny weather
- Turquoise seas
- Warm hospitality
- Fresh, locally produced food.

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